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Who is Solid Rock Soap Co. ?

Welcome friends! Let me tell you a little about who we are and how we started Solid Rock Soap Co. We are a family-owned business based in the beautiful Osage Hills of Oklahoma. We have five amazing children. Warren, our oldest is married and currently serves as a Staff Seargent in the United States Air Force. Next up we have Nehemiah. He is fifteen and currently works for a local restoration company. He is nick named the tank and his muscle is definitely appreciated on the farm.  Elijah is next and he is fourteen. He loves helping design soap and caring for all the animals on our farm. His favorites are the baby goats during kidding season.   Next is Olivia. She is the only girl, and she can hold her own on the farm. She is eleven and loves all things muddy but sparkly.  Finally, we have the baby Isaiah. He is eight and is the spit fire of the crew. He is full of life and loves to keep us laughing. The Big Man as we affectionately call him is a United States Marine Corps Veteran and is the backbone of the farm. He builds fences, mixes feed, and is the head of our financial department. You name it on the farm he does it. He is also my head production assistant and delivery driver. Then there is little ol me. I love being involved in everything on our farm. I take care of our goats ( they are my babies), run the log splitter, drive the tractor. you get the idea. I also am an herbalist with over 25 years of experience with herbs and essential oils. I have studied and continue to study cosmetic chemistry, and skincare formulation. I carefully formulate all our products to bring you the most nourishing skincare possible, and I do this from the ground up. 

       We handle every part of our business ourselves. From the R and D to the compounding and formulation of the products. We also do all the packaging and shipping. Web design...yep us too. We personally take care of you from the person you chat with here on our website and Facebook page to packaging your order and driving it to be shipped. 

     How did we start? Well, we began with a desire to get back to the simple way of life our grandparents had. So, we loaded up our kiddos and moved to the country. Our farm began with a small herd of dairy goats and way more chickens than would seem sensible. We have sought out a more natural lifestyle for 25 plus years. We began Solid Rock Soap Co. to share this simple lifestyle with each of you.  We believe that products you put on your skin are as important as the food you put in your bodies.  Those natural products ought to work, nourish your body, and be affordable. We founded Solid Rock Soap Co. on the Honesty, Integrity, and Hard Work our grandparents modeled for us. We are a debt free company and are proud to be self-sustaining. We are agriculturally minded and vow to always improve our products, systems, and farm to care and nourish the land and the animals that we care for. In turn, you will have the best farm to skin, bath, body and skincare delivered to your door. From our farm to your skin. We are farm to skin done right!

            Thanks for stopping in friends,

                      Bart & Jamie

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