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At Solid Rock Soap Co. we handcraft the finest quality natural goat milk bath, body, beard, home care, and skin care. We do this in small batches which allows us to focus on the quality of the botanicals, oils, butters, and additives that we create our products with. Our goal is to bring you the most natural and nourishing products from our farm to your skin.


We craft our natural soaps with the time-tested traditional technique of Cold Process Soap Making. Our process also employs an aging progression with each soap we create, allowing it to cure for a minimum of 4 weeks to ensure our soaps are long lasting and gentle. Our skin care and beard care are created with pure high quality essential oils, extracts, hydrosols, natural fragrances, and botanicals. Each ingredient is carefully researched and chosen so we formulate a quality product with zero fillers. We also use the time-tested powerhouse of raw beeswax and honey from a locally sourced beekeeper, and our gorgeous fresh raw goat's milk from our own dairy goat herd, local goat dairies, and quality hormone free dehydrated goat milk from Virgina. 


Solid Rock Soap Co. was created for people who truly care about the purity and nourishment provided by the products they use on their skin, but don’t want to sacrifice quality and esthetics. It is for those sick of the toxic chemicals and useless fillers used to make cheap inferior mass produced synthetic products. We were created for those who know health is based on how they care for both the inside and outside of their bodies. Those sick of products that do not work and the big companies that don’t care. For those who long for a simpler way of life that produces quality that is unmatched.  It is for those who are tired of being just another number and dollar sign.


Solid Rock Soap Co. is a family owned, self sustaining, and debt free company that provides exemplary products without compromise. We use premium quality ingredients and always strive to create our products and grow our business based on the integrity, honesty, and hard work of days gone by. We provide an unmatched personal touch because we personally attend to everything from harvesting ingredients to shipping and delivering our products. We hope your experience with us creates a shared sense of belonging to a community where you come as customers and stay as friends. We commit to always put your importance and needs over profits and bottom lines. We also promise to give back to our community and those we  have the privilege to serve.

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