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What Makes our products different?

Not all soap and skin care are created equal.

When we decided to found Solid Rock Soap Co. we were appalled to notice that the average bar soap contained between 13-20 different chemicals. Each of our products are made from scratch  with simple ingredients that work!

Our soaps are made with 7 ingredients..

#1 Goat's Milk

The main ingredient in our soap is our nourishing goat's milk straight from our farm and our herd, local quality dairies in Northeast Oklahoma, and Virgina. Our goats and those from the herds we source our milk from are never treated with steroids or other toxic garbage. We use 100% food grade milk only. 

#2 Coconut Oil

This oil has been called the fountain of youth by many experts. It is full of Vitamin E and antioxidants. It moisturizes, fights the signs of aging and contributes to the rich lather in our soaps. It is loaded full of the nutrients our bodies need and crave. It has been credited as one of the top 10 super foods. 

#3 Olive Oil

This oil has been a featured product in the beauty and nutrition worlds for centuries. It is full of antioxidants that leave skin feeling like silk. 

#4 Palm Oil

This oil has been called a miracle fat. We use only sustainably harvested and fair trade palm in our products. It is rich in Vitamin E, moisturizing, and adds a rich thick lather to our soaps. 

#5 Raw Organic Cocoa Butter

It is rich in fatty acids that nourish and hydrate the skin and improves elasticity. The fat in cocoa butter forms a protective barrier over skin to hold in moisture. It is also extremely rich in natural plant compounds called phytochemicals. Cocoa Butter has been used in medicine for around 3,000 years and was a favorite ingredient of the ancient Aztecs and Mayans. These phytochemicals help keep the skin and body healthy.

#6 Apricot Kernel Oil

This rounds out our four oil power house. It contains gamma linoleic acid that is useful to firm and tone your skin. It also contains Vitamin A an E to soothe and slow the aging process. It is full of nourishing properties and

anti-inflammatory effects to soothe skin issues like eczema.

#7 Lye

Lye, also known as Sodium Hydroxide is added as a catalyst to saponify the oils and milk. This is a completely necessary ingredient in making real soap. Do not be afraid of it's name, the lye completely dissipates out and neutralizes with the oils and milk producing our gorgeous soaps. There is nothing of it left in the soap itself. You cannot have true soap without lye. This is the age old method of soap making dating back centuries called Cold Process.

What you don't find in our soaps is just as important as what you do. Here are a list of ingredients you will NEVER find in any of our products.


We do NOT use GMO oils. Many shampoos and soaps contain petroleum based glycerin or genetically modified oils such as soybean or corn oil (disguised as vegetable oil). You won't find canola oil (genetically modified grape seed oil) either. We strongly suggest everyone do their own research on GMOs

2. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

This is a very common ingredient in commercial soap, skincare, and hair care products. It is also used to degrease engines and clean garage floors. So why do companies put it in soap? It is a lathering agent and dissolves the oils of your skin and hair just like it does on a cars engine block. This is just one among many harsh chemicals found in common soaps, body wash, and hair care that dries and irritates the skin. Today , the average person has an unprecedented amount of hazardous chemicals in their bodies with children having more than adults! After reading about some of the chemicals in commercial skin care, body , and hair care products it is not very hard to believe that this statement is very true.

3. Dyes

We do not use synthetic dyes to color our artisan soaps. In fact many of our soaps do not contain any color at all. Dyes can be troublesome and are the cause of many skin irritation and sensitivities.


Commercial and even some handcrafted soaps contain detergents. These are used to remove dirt from the skin. However, they actually strip the skin of it's natural oils, leaving the skin dry, irritated and itchy. Often time having a damaged or severely compromised skin barrier. This is absolutely the opposite of the amazing properties found in goats milk.

5. Fillers

Large companies and even many smaller ones use fillers to cut cost and increase their profit margin. Fillers dilute the product and stretches the product volume to reduce cost and increase profit. It also greatly reduces the quality of the soap. Our products use all natural, locally sourced, high quality ingredients that are in their raw and undiluted forms with zero fillers.

6. Pthalates

These are a man made ingredients that are often used as a softer in many different types of cosmetics. Some research has shown that these ingredients have been linked to cancers, hormone issues,  and many many other issues. Pthalates are also found in synthetic fragrances ( another nasty ingredient we refuse to use in any Sold Rock Soap Co. product).

7. Synthetic Preservatives

All products (other than true soap) that contain water or liquid of any kind requires a preservative to prevent bacteria and mold growth. However, not all preservatives are created equally. The synthetic preservatives found in most all bath, skin care and hair care products are actually banned in other countries because they are known to aggravate skin disorders ( such as eczema etc..) morph skin cells, and comprise the integrity of the skin barrier. We only use a certified food grade and organic preservative in our products that require it.

8. Parabens

These chemicals are widely used as preservatives in cosmetic products. However, in the 1990's researchers found that parabens stay in the body and build up over time. They contain agents that mimic estrogen when they enter the bloodstream. When our bodies have abnormal levels of estrogen, there is an increased potential for cancer, reproductive issues, and many other things. We strongly recommend that you avoid all products containing parabens.

9. Alcohols

This ingredient simply dries out the skin.. try it out with a little rubbing alcohol. We do not use alcohols of any kind.

10. Synthetic Fragrances

These are man made scents that are often added to skin care products to create unique smells. However, the companies which create these are not required to disclose their ingredients. They can be anything from alcohols, harsh chemicals, phtalates.. you name it. We use essential oils and natural fragrance oils that are plant based aromatics produced using essential oils, isolates from natural raw botanical sources and are certified to be free of synthetic ingredients.

11. Premade Bases

The quality of our products are of the utmost importance to us. We will never use premade bases for any of our products. We make all of our products from scratch using high quality ingredients. Many soap makers that claim their products are 100% homemade and all - natural use these premade bases when creating their soap and products to speed up their process. However, these bases contain chemicals and other unnecessary ingredients that significantly reduce the quality of their soap and at times are even dangerous for use on our bodies. Here at Solid Rock Soap Co. if we can't guarantee the quality and source of our ingredients we simply do not use them.

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