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You’re How Old?!?!

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Take Care of Your Skin.......

Hi Friends! Welcome back to the barn. Pull up a milking stool and grab a cup of coffee. Today's chat is all about your skin and our skincare. Billions of dollars are spent in the beauty industry each year. Last year the beauty industry in the U.S. was worth over $500 billion and the cosmetic industry was worth $93.5 billion. The U.S spent more than $16.5 billion on cosmetic plastic surgery. We are a nation..heck, we are a world obsessed with looking younger and reversing the effects of aging. This BLOWS my mind.

I'd love to pass on some wisdom from my Grandmother if I may. She was a gorgeous woman with jet black hair and gorgeous brown eyes. She was always put together. I remember looking up at her as a little blonde haired wild child and praying I would look just like her one day. In my favorite portrait of her she reminded me of a movie star from the 50's. As I played with her make up she gently touched my shoulder and said, " Sweetie, if you want to look younger and beautiful longer take good care of your skin. Do it as naturally as you can, and drink lots and lots of water." I didn't quite understand that advice at 6 years old , but once I hit my teen years it echoed in my mind. Simple advice that has lasted me... well ... let's just say more years than I care to divulge.

I strove to look young as I hit my twenties. When I hit my 30's it became even more real to me. With 5 kids I wanted, no... I NEEDED her advice. Now, in my..ok ok... I tell you.. I'm 43 . Let's just say time is beginning to take it's toll. I heard her words ringing in my mind. So, I began to research like the science nerd I am. I found that my goats milk was a power house of natural skincare super heroes. Think of it as the Justice League for your skin. Goat's milk is particularly high in Vitamin A which is necessary to repair damaged skin tissue, and maintain healthy skin. Many medical studies have shown that Vitamin A reduces lines and wrinkles, controls acne, and even provides some psoriasis relief. That's some information I was over joyed to discover.

The next thing I discovered was the naturally occurring lactic acid in goats milk helps rid the skin of impurities. It is also very high in alpha hydroxy acids. This is a big trigger word in the world of skincare. These acids, in simple terms break the bonds between dead cells which results and skin turnaround that reveals young fresh skin cells. It gives the skin a glowing and clean appearance. (No need for those highlighters that usually end up looking fake or wearing off.) This results in a calming effect for your skin. Naturally gentle, yet powerful.. I loved it! I had tried chemical alpha hydroxy acid products prescribed to me from a dermatologist. They stung and left my skin red, hurting, and definitely not looking glowing and healthy. Not to mention EXPENSIVE.

Goats milk also contains many skin loving minerals. Selenium is found in plentiful quantities in goats milk. Selenium is believed by scientists to have an important role in preventing skin cancer. (NO I am in NO way saying that goats milk will prevent skin cancer! What I am saying is that Selenium is said to have a big role in that job.) Selenium can also help prevent damage to the skin from excessive time in the sun. Oh, come on.. we all know you laid out by the pool or in a lawn chair in the back yard with lemony Sun In in our hair slathered in Hawaiian Tropic. Just Me??? Ok.. So I did all that. I can still remember the way summer smelled and those two products were IT. So... back from that goat trail. Selenium.... Our goats receive a mineral supplement that includes selenium to help with their health and milk quality.

Those are just a few of the amazing properties in our raw fresh goats milk that we use in our soaps and skincare line. So many of the chemically recreated nutrients our skin benefits from are found wholesomely and naturally in goats milk. This is what makes our skincare superior to the commercial skin care. We don't use the xerox copy, we use the Mona Lisa. So to speak that is. It is literally skin food. Did I mention the skin barrier?? No.. well, goats milk has a PH that is almost identical to human skin and helps preserve the skin barrier!!!! This is fantastic news for those of us who have skin. Which I hope is all of us.

We have included a wonderful oil blend and raw Shea butter that adds to the anti aging properties and skin repairing fatty acids. Nothing we use is ever used as a filler product. I carefully formulated this cream and our future skincare lines with the premise that EVERYTHING we use serves a purpose to support our skin.

Essential Oils. We have included 5 of these powerful oils. Essential oils are the super heroes of the botanical world. We chose Frankincense first. It has the ability to strengthen skin and improve its tone, elasticity, and defense mechanisms against bacteria and blemishes. Studies have also shown that it has anti- inflammatory and tissue remodeling properties. Can we just bathe in a tub of this?!?! The next one I chose is Orange essential oil. This oil is beneficial for maintaining the health, appearance, and texture of skin by promoting clarity, radiance, and smoothness. It reduces the signs of acne and other bothersome skin conditions. Next we have Tea Tree oil. This oil is very popular for treating acne because of it's anti- inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. It has been shown to calm redness, swelling, and inflammation. It is also said to prevent and reduce acne scars. Leaving you with smooth, clear skin. The fourth oil I chose is Geranium oil. I chose this because it effectively eliminates dead cells, tightens the skin, promotes cellular regeneration, and diminish the signs of aging. It also had anti- inflammatory and anti-septic properties. Truly a great oil for all ages of skin. Finally the 5th oil, Patchouli. This has been used in Chinese medicine to treat skin for centuries. It contains significant anti- inflammatory and antioxidant qualities. In 2014 a study showed that it suppressed wrinkle formation if applied 2 hours before UV exposure, improved skin elasticity and raised collagen production. These five oils are used in both our 5 in 1 Skin Cream and our 5 in 1 Face Soap. This makes the pair better than Bat Man and Robbin!!

Finally I added Calendula extract. Calendula is anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and has been used for centuries in healing wounds. It is soothing to many skin issues and is even used as an antiseptic. This is a staple botanical in our home.

We also use Pink Brazilian Clay. I chose this particular clay because of its oil balancing properties and the minerals present in it. It is also touted for it's anti-aging, antioxidant, astringent reconstructive and detoxifying properties.

The last player in our 5 in 1 skincare is pure Vitamin E oil. This helps prevent the signs of aging and complements your SPF products. ( ALWAYS use a good natural sun block!!!!) It also helps keep skin hydrated and calm, it reduces sun damage, it can reduce the appearance of scars, and is moisturizing.

Whew!!! If you have stuck with me this far you are serious about skin food and skin care. I wanted products that actually worked and gave me the most out of every penny I was going to spend. I wanted products that served multiple purposes. I like my skincare to be like me.. a master multi tasker. Lastly, I wanted something natural to put on my skin. Chemicals in some skincare have been shown to contribute to cancer, and with my family history of cancer I wanted NATURAL!!! I formulated this line for myself and I have hundreds of customers who love it too. Young and older, male and female. All skin types have benefit from our 5 in 1 Skin Care. It has had some great and funny testimonies too. One of my good friends who has a farm had a tiny little piglet with a skin condition. My friend thought, well it's great for my skin .. why not try it on the piggy. I am happy to say the little fella was cleared up in a matter of days with our skin cream. ( this is probably my favorite funny testimony- see ... multi tasking.) I have had teens with cystic acne begin to see relief , I have athletes say they use our skincare head to toe to remove acne on their faces and bodies. I have so many testimonies, but the shadows are getting long in the barn and it's time to head in.

We hope you will give our 5 in 1 skincare line a try. It is the most cost effective skincare I have ever used that actually works, and I have used hundreds of them. From the department store brands, Mary Kay, dermatologist prescribed .... cheap Wal Mart brands.. you name it. I also hope you hear someone say, " You're HOW OLD!!!!" Not because your skin has had time marching across it, but because they think you have found the fountain of youth. I'll see you next time friends. You're always welcome here at the barn.

We are not saying that our skincare can treat any medical condition or illness. Always research ingredients for yourself. Be aware and pro active.

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T Coonce
T Coonce
22. Juni 2023

My mother has had rosacea for many years. The *only* cream that had helped her was a department store brand product that costs hundreds of dollars. She was miserable without it, so she stretched it as far as possible and paid the high price. I saw a question answered about the 5 in 1 face cream on a Facebook post concerning rosacea and tried the cream for myself and bought her some to try. 2 months later, she is loving the cream(and so do I)! She no longer buys liquid foundation to cover up rosacea flare-ups, and no longer needs her extra pricey cream! I can't tell you how thankful and excited I am to have found this product.

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Antwort an

I LOVE this!! What a wonderful testimony. I’m so happy you are both loving the cream and that it made such an amazing difference in her skin!!! 🥰🫧

Gefällt mir
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