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Just a day on the farm...

I don't know how everyone wakes up, but here it is usually to the sound of sweet toddler feet followed by 3 more larger pairs thundering down the stairs. This is quickly followed by a cup of strong coffee. After morning chores and breakfast it was straight to work on the website. This has been a labor of love for 3 months. We did it all ourselves , including the product shots. Once it was launched , with the 4 of 5 kiddos ( our oldest is serving in the Air Force) dancing and whoooing, the butterflies began to fill my stomach. I don't mean the beautiful ones found on a gorgeous Oklahoma spring day. I mean the ones that make you wonder if you've lost your mind. I couldn't dwell on those for long because it was time for noon chores. At noon we clean the new mamma's stalls, let babies have play time (my personal favorite time of day), feed and water them.. and milk. It’s been a crazy wonderful day and it’s just 2:30pm!! I’m a hot mess and could use another cup of coffee, but my kids and the sweet goats don’t mind .

We hope you enjoy our site and this blog. See you soon friends.

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Our products are made with fresh goats milk and contain nut products. Please check the ingredient list of each item for potential allergens.

We use pure high quality essential oils in our products. Please be aware that everyone responds differently to essential oils.

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