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Goat Milk Soap Shampoo?? The What, Why, How, and Tips..

You may have heard us mention that our soap makes amazing shampoo. No? Well, Our Goats Milk Soap makes a great solid shampoo bar!! Our soaps are all natural and make a great replacement for the chemical laden, plastic bottled, shampoo I bet you have sitting in your shower.

While many of our customers have been using their favorite soap in place of traditional shampoo, some of you might have some questions. Like... Why would I use goat milk soap as a shampoo replacement? Let me put it this way for you. Before you used our goat milk soap and noticed the amazing difference in how your skin felt and looked, you probably never thought twice about the soap ( which is most likely a detergent not a true soap) you were using, right??? This same thing applies to your hair!

As we begin to think about all of the ways we can cut toxins, live a more chemical free and healthy lifestyle, and integrate smarter products into our lives, hair care is often one area we over look. We would love to suggest making the switch to our soap for your hair care routine. Our soap has a rich and creamy lather that effectively cleanses the skin and hair, leaving it soft and shiny.

Most of us hate the idea of switching our hair care routine. I get it. My hair is super thick and waist length and I'm very picky about what I put on it. There are so many things to consider when it comes to hair care. There are different textures, cuts, and lengths that play roles in the products we choose. We also have different washing schedules. Some wash every day, some once a week.. you get the idea. Despite all of this, one thing we can agree on is that we all want a clean and healthy scalp that's free of excess oil, but not dry and itchy. Our Solid Shampoo Bars do just that.


* You'll find none of the toxic ingredients in our soap that you'll find in shampoo and it is sulfate free.

*You will be using an eco friendly alternative to conventional shampoo. You'll be leaving a lighter footprint on our environment. We have one planet and we need to do everything we can to care for the land. Our soap is 100% biodegradable and we use all local ingredients when ever is possible. The bars also last much much longer than liquid shampoo.

* You know exactly what you are putting on your skin and ultimately into your body.

* Depending on what you currently spend on shampoo, you can even save money.


* There is a brief time for your scalp to become adjusted to using a new shampoo that is free of chemicals and harsh detergents and silicone.

It appears to us that the worst outcome is that you wash your hair with our soap/solid shampoo and prefer your old shampoo, then you simply use the soap for your regular soap needs. ( body soap, face soap, dish soap, shaving cream, etc....) Go grab yourself a trial size bar or one of our full size bars and give it a try. You won't be sorry...

How to Use Goat Milk Solid Shampoo Bars

1.Choose your bar on our site. We recommend our bare, lavender, lemongrass, ( any of our soaps work great, but these are our favorites) or for itchy dry scalp our 5 in 1 face soap is amazing. We are making several other solid shampoo bars and will have those available ASAP. If you are worried about your hairs adjustment period choose our bare soap as it does not contain any essential oils that can sometimes result in the overproduction of oil. Experiment with the different soaps and find what works best for your hair.

2. Give your hair a good brushing before you step in the shower to loosen any dead skin or product build up

3.Give your hair a good rinse when you get in the shower.

4.Lather the bar of soap between your hands by rubbing them together. You'll love the rich lather of our goat's milk solid shampoo bars have. Massage it into the scalp, being sure to wash all areas of your head. Allow the lather to go to the ends of the hair. For many of us, our scalp overproduces sebum making our hair appear greasy. Take your time with this step and really give your scalp a good massage. This will remove the dirt and oil, leaving you with a healthy scalp and healthy hair.

5.Rinse your hair. With long hair use your fingers to run through your hair to ensure all the soap is rinsed out.

6. Finally you'll want to condition your hair. We will be offering a solid conditioner bar, however, many customers like using an apple cider vinegar rinse after washing their hair to make it shiny. ( no you won't smell like salad dressing... ) I myself love using a dime size amount of our amazing goat's milk lotion and massage it through the ends of my hair. If you have dry or curly hair you can use our lotion as a nourishing and rich leave in conditioner. Some don't find the need for a conditioner at all and use our soap as a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner.

Tip: To avoid hair breakage allow hair to air dry for as long as possible without brushing.

We think you'll love the decision to switch to our Goat's milk solid shampoo and conditioner alternatives.

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