US Army Soldier in Universal Camouflage

As a veteran owned business as well as an active duty family, we take honoring our U.S. Armed Forces seriously. We also feel a deep since of responsibility to give back to our nations warriors, both nation wide and locally . We chose to do this by donating a portion of our proceeds for 2021 to two amazing organizations. ​ We will be donating monthly to The Coffee Bunker in Tulsa, Oklahoma to support our local veterans. We will also be donating to 22 Until None to support veterans nation wide. 


22 Until None is a great organization who is working to end veteran suicide one step at a time. Together we can end this epidemic. Did you know that 8,030 veterans commit suicide each year? That an individual is 200% more likely to commit suicide after military service? Lastly, did you know that 1 in 5 suicides is a veteran? By purchasing our products you are helping us help 22 Until None offer our nations brave men and women who served us faithfully the help they need. Please visit their site for more information.


The Coffee Bunker is a Veteran outreach to help with job placement, training, and other support. Please feel free to visit their site to learn more.

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